Art Specs

All submitted artwork must be vector based and saved in one of the following preferred formats:

Adobe Illustrator (8.0) – (Please save as an EPS File)

  • Create outlines for all images
  • Convert text to outlines
  • Placed/Imported images must be sent as a separate file following the EPS/TIFF file requirements

Corel Draw

  • Convert text to curves

EPS File or TIFF File

  • 300 dpi @ actual size or larger
  • 1200 dpi @ actual size or larger for screen print and laser art


  • 300 dpi @ actual size

Artwork can be emailed to

Text Requirements:

Text for awards can be supplied as a Microsoft Word file or as the contents of an email sent to

NOTE: If you are unable to supply artwork or text in one of the above formats, please contact us at 248-582-5200 to see if an optional format is acceptable.